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Jazz it up a little! 

"In the Big Easy [New Orleans], locals refer to the main section of [a] parade, comprised of the official parade group and accompanying brass and drum band, as the 'main line' or 'first line.' The people watching the parade and dancing to the music form the 'second line.' As a city that takes celebration seriously, it’s no wonder that the second line is a vital part of this beloved tradition." -Black Southern Belle

The Robin-Banks Promise:

Here at Robin-Banks Entertainment, we are honored to celebrate your cultures, values and traditions by parading you around and announcing your celebrations with the spice of life: jazz. And what better way than with a New Orleans-Style Second Line?


 When you book with us, we are dedicated to uplifting your historical roots and passions as well as bringing that brass magic! 

Consider adding a Second Line to one of our VARIETY DANCE BANDS for your reception or party!

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