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Born of our own dissatisfaction with “party band business-as-usual”, we joined forces in 2016 to create “the best wedding band in the world!”. After much discussion and the financial backing of a generous investor, Robin-Banks Entertainment launched the corporate party-wedding band Central City Orchestra.


With our combined experience of over 18 years in the wedding markets of Philadelphia, Chicago & Dallas, we committed to bring that “big city” glam and professionalism to Central PA. After exceeding our expectations in just two years, we expanded our offerings and approach by adding our edgier sister group, Downtown Sound. What started as a “wedding band idea” quickly became a full-fledged entertainment company!


Despite the devastating effect 2020 has had on the entertainment AND wedding industries, we have used this time to get creative and expand our brand even further with the hot new DJ-drummer duo, Pulse! Staying innovative and flexible is the call of the day and our key to continued success in the face of unimaginable challenge.

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