Frequently asked questions

Can we see you play live?

Yes! There are opportunities to see the the band play live at PUBLIC SHOWCASE EVENTS like wedding shows or local venues. Also, come and check out our bands at these upcoming PUBLIC SHOWS *tickets may be required*. Private showcases are also available upon request.

Do you require a deposit?

A 40% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date.

Where and when do you have (in person or virtual) meetings?

We can meet at any time that fits your schedule! Zoom calls are our most popular option at this time. In person: We typically meet clients at our showroom in downtown Lancaster on weekday afternoons and weekend mornings. CONTACT US to schedule a date & time...

What size ensembles do you offer?

CENTRAL CITY ORCHESTRA functions fully as a 10-piece. (2) Female Lead Vocalists, (1) Male Lead Vocalist, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Sax, Trombone and Trumpet. DOWNTOWN SOUND functions fully as a 7-piece. (2) Female Lead Vocalists, (1) Keyboardist, (1) Guitar Player & Vocalist, Bass, Drums & Sax. Ceremonial, cocktail hour, and dinner music: We can provide ensembles or solo players to best fit your personal style! See our variety of options HERE

Do you have a list of prices?

We do not. Our shows are priced out per event depending on several factors: 1. Date (Off season and peak season rates can vary) 2. Your Musical Needs (Do you need ceremonial music, cocktail music, dinner music, dancing?) 3. Travel 4. Special requests for services over and beyond what we typically offer.

Do you provide an emcee?

Yes, we will take care of all announcements and introductions throughout your event. We will also coordinate with your vendors so you can relax and enjoy the celebration!

Do you offer additional services?

Yes! Additional services include: ceremonial and cocktail musicians, custom lighting, pipe & drape and staging services, as well as digital photobooth and custom GOBO! CLICK HERE

Do you take breaks?

We only take breaks if absolutely necessary. Our policy is that for every 90-minutes on non-stop music from the full band we will take a 15-minute break. Why? We offer non-stop music. No breaks between songs, and always high-energy. It is important that we keep our energy up and keep the show top-notch until they very end of the night. Sometimes that includes "taking a breather", so that we can can continue to show you the best party possible. Nobody wants a low energy band at the end of the night. *It's not always necessary to break depending on your timeline. However, if we must break, if possible, we will put a break in discreetly while other things are going on. What happens while you are on break? We will DJ music for 15 minutes. It will be a smooth transition from band to DJ'd music. There will never be any dead air. What happens while you are on break?: We will DJ music for 15 minutes. It will be a smooth transition from band to DJ'd music. There will never be any dead air.

What's the maximum time you're available to play for reception?

We can play a maximum of four hours of music for reception, not including cocktail hour or ceremony. *We can provide additional half-hours of music should you need more time.

What happens after I sign a contract?

We will email you a copy of the signed contract along with a link and a password to log you into our client portal where you will be able to fill out a detailed event questionaire and submit it to us. The detailed questionaire helps fill us in on important details such as: 1. Your wedding party information 2. Wedding planner information 3. Personal preferences 4. Song selections for special dances & much more!

What if we have to reschedule because of the pandemic?

After COVID-19 threw our industry (and many others) for a loop, we added a "Force Majeure" clause to our contracts. When the unexpected happens beyond the control of both parties (e.g. epidemic or "act of God"), we will work with you to ease the stress. Directly from our contract: 7. Force Majeure a. This agreement of the musicians to perform is subject to proven detention by Acts of God: • Extreme weather or environmental conditions, unanticipated geological conditions, epidemic, pandemic, plague or other natural calamities. • Legal prohibition, mandates, acts of terrorism, blockade, embargo, riot, public disorder or any other legitimate conditions beyond DTS’s control. b. In the event the musicians are unable to perform as agreed because of such occurrences, the entire value of the first and second payments, if already paid by Client, shall be refunded to Client, without interest, in no more than 14 calendar days. If Client cancels more than 15 days prior to DTS performance, only the second payment shall be refunded to Client, without interest, in no more than 14 calendar days. If Client cancels 14 days or less prior to DTS performance, the payment received is 100% non-refundable. c. In the event the client must cancel the event due to such occurrences, your deposit will not be refunded but it would be our highest priority to work with you and your venue to the best of our ability to reschedule the event to an alternate date. In the event that a rescheduled date is needed, you would have the first right of refusal over anyone else looking at that particular date. If an alternate date CANNOT be agreed upon by parties involved, a deposit refund will be issued. If a decision is made to cancel the event completely without trying to reschedule, your deposit will not be refunded.

Do you provide sound & lighting services?

Yes, we provide state-of-the art sound systems to accommodate a variety of venues. The sound system is tested prior to the start of your event. Professional sound staff will monitor the sound throughout the event to make sure it is perfect at all times.

Do you require a certain amount of square footage?

Yes, we are a large bands and require a minimum of a 14' x 20' stage or playing area.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we carry full coverage liability insurance.

What are your power requirements?

We require at least four (4) electrical outlets with four (4) standard 20-amp circuits on each outlet which must be provided within 25 feet of the reception or dancing location.

What are your outdoor show provisions?

For safety reasons, our bands will not perform outside if lightning is present, if winds exceed 30 mph or if the weather in the area is deemed severe by the National Weather Service or any local news stations, or if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If performing in a gazebo, tent, or any enclosure for the reception, bands will be provided with staging or flat concrete with the dimensions of at least 14’ deep x 20’ deep and completely covered overhead and backdrop, with the exception of the front and or sides of the stage/performance area. The cover area must protect musicians and equipment. Should weather or extenuating circumstances negatively affect the band's ability to safely perform at the original set up location, an additional fee of $200 and up to 60 minutes may required to relocate. Please keep this in mind while gauging weather risks.