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Inspiring Speaker, Martial Arts Master, and Musician 

Introducing Jose Johnson, an extraordinary mix of martial arts master, professional musician, and cancer survivor. His triumphant journey through both exhilarating careers and life-altering challenges spans more than six decades. He is not only an impactful speaker and dedicated educator but also a beacon of resilience, embodying the strength of the human spirit. Jose draws from his rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge to enlighten others, facilitating transformation through his powerful words.


Jose offers an array of captivating speaking engagements tailored to suit your specific requirements. From keynotes, workshops to virtual classes, his topics delve into mindfulness, stress management, personal development, and so much more. With his dynamic and engaging style, every session leaves an imprint, inspiring change, and growth.

Here's a preview of the engaging topics Jose Johnson brings to your event:


  • Mindfulness Secrets Decoded: Dive deep into the research and life experiences behind Johnson's insightful book, "Mindfulness Secrets."


  • Mindfulness for Hustlers: Learn to harmonize your zen and your hustle for a balanced, successful life.


  • Mindfulness for Musicians: Unlock your true potential and harmonize your heart with your music.The Kung Fu Equation: Discover how martial arts taught Jose the secret to excellence in any endeavor.


  • Stress Is Not A Four-letter Word: Understand the true nature of stress and redefine your relationship with it.


Jose Johnson is more than an experienced speaker; he is an agent of transformation. His passion for sharing wisdom and experiences shapes a diverse collection of topics adaptable to any organization's unique needs. His multifaceted persona and resilience have earned him the title of a "modern-day Renaissance man."


With international acclaim as a master of various Chinese martial arts, energy arts, and mindfulness practices, Jose's extensive 30-year journey also includes being a musician, educator, entrepreneur, author, consultant, and personal mastery coach. His unique approach unites the wisdom of the ancient and modern, intellectual and physical discipline, and the spiritual and scientific, paving a comprehensive path to personal growth.


As a cancer survivor, Jose exemplifies tenacity and endurance, bringing a profound sense of hope and courage to his audience. He is the author of the successful book "Mindfulness Secrets: 90 Ways In 90 Days," and the host of the "Personal Mastery & Growth" and "Trumpet Gurus Hang" podcasts. He also serves as the founder and president of the Personal Mastery and Growth Academy.


Embark on a transformative journey with Jose Johnson, inspiring change and instilling hope, one speech at a time.

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