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INTERN INVASION: The Interns Take Over RBE!

Robin-Banks Entertainment has two interns this fall and they have taken over all of the RBE communications this past week! First, let's meet them!


Age: 21 (almost 22)

Major: Music Industry and Recording Technology

Favorite Song: Before I Know by Hajime Uchiyama featuring Axel Mansoor

Biggest Dream: Currently, to pay off my student debt in less than 10 years!


Age: 21

Major: Music Industry and Recording Technology

Favorite Song: Bones by Imagine Dragons

Biggest Dream: completing top bucket list item (visiting all 7 continents)


Now that we met our interns, let's pick Ashley and Sam's brains!

Interviewer: What is your name, major, and interest in interning with RBE?

Sam: Hi! My name is Sam Turner, I’m a senior Music Industry and Recording Technology Major (fondly known as MIRT) at York College of Pennsylvania. I was super intrigued by RBE as it was a music scene/market I hadn’t been a part of before.

Ashley: Hello! My name is Ashley Cintron and I am a senior Music Industry and Recording Technology major at York College of Pennsylvania. I was interested in working with RBE because they are a women-owned small business. We need more women in the music industry!

Interviewer: What got you interested in live sound?

Sam and Ashley: For the last two years during the pandemic we had little to no live music experience. Concert’s weren’t happening, conferences were postponed, and we had to be extremely careful at school when putting on any live music. When we returned in the fall of 2021 we finally had our first production experience at Launch Music Conference and Festival in Lancaster, PA. Sam got to run the York College stage as lead sound engineer. It was an overwhelming, but rewarding experience. Running the show at Launch made Sam realize that she wants to focus on live sound! Ash also got to help set up and tear down stages, and even be the lead sound engineer! Ash feels that Launch is more than likely what sparked her love and passion for live sound.

Interviewer: What else are you excited to learn about aside from live sound?

Sam and Ashley: The awesome part of our program at York College is how multifaceted it is. We not only take technology courses in studio production and live sound, we also take business courses in management, marketing, economics, and public relations. Because of this, we know how important it is to learn everything you can about the music industry. So as much as we love getting early to gigs to help with the Production Crew, we are also enjoying learning about social media tactics, financing and managing a small business, and the in’s and outs of contract writing. This only touches the surface of what Katie and her team are teaching us during this internship!

Interviewer: What was your first experience like working with RBE and Central City Orchestra (CCO)?

Sam: My first in field experience was at the Valencia Ballroom in Downtown York City for (company name here). I got to assist in setting up all of the audio equipment.I was blown away by how energetic CCO is! Not only are they amazing musicians, they are all amazing showmen. I shadowed the lead audio engineer as he figured out the best sound for that room. The cool thing about working with the same band is the audio setup is pretty much the same, but each venue is drastically different. So a lot of time goes into making the band sound like gold no matter what acoustics we end up with. I learned so much during that experience and I can not wait to learn even more!

Ashley: My first field experience for RBE was at an event at The Hershey Hotel in Hershey Pennsylvania for (company name). To say it was fun would be a severe understatement, it was exhilarating! I got to observe sound check and ask questions about how mixing varies in different rooms, and just between inside and outside. I also got to help tear down the stage at the end of the night, which I always find fun, personally. Plus it's a workout!

Interviewer: Any additional thoughts?

Ashley: I am looking forward to more opportunities that Katie and her team are willing to offer me. I would highly recommend Central City Orchestra and any of the other artists at RBE.

Sam: Overall, I am incredibly grateful for this internship, not only do I get to do what I love (live sound), but I’m also working with an amazing group of women who are just as passionate about music as I am. The band members are amazing, the Production Crew is professional and knowledgeable, and the RBE ladies work above and beyond to give their clients the best experience possible.

Robin-Banks Entertainment, LLC-- 9.30.2022

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