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Robin-Banks Entertainment Hosts Regular Public Performances (aka: Showcases) for Clients and Fans

You may hear the word "Showcase" floating around as you navigate the entertainment world. A Showcase is simply a term for a public performance that is for anyone, but is prepared and targeted with interested clients in mind.

Robin-Banks Entertainment hosts regular showcases, as many of their performances are for private clients. It's always exciting to present a free show to the public. This gives band fans a way to see their favorite musicians perform without breaking the bank. It also gives our interested clients a free way to come listen and see if Robin-Banks Entertainment is the right fit for your event.

(SPOILER ALERT: We likely will be perfect for your event!)

Oh! And will you look at that! There is one just around the corner!

Central City Orchestra

at Tellus360 in Lancaster

Thursday September 8th


If you'd like to save this event to your personal calendar, mark yourself as "going" to their Facebook event, then click "manage" or "settings".

"What if I'm booking an event?"

If you are booking an event, then this type of show is for YOU! We like to spoil our clients, so if you are coming to listen to an RBE Band in consideration for your event, RSVP HERE! This way, we can gift you a complimentary drink when you get there!

"What if I'm not booking an event?"

No problem! Come hang out, anyway! No RSVP necessary! Don't forget to refer us to your friends and family as well as "like" or "follow" us on social media! Tag us and we will reshare your testimony or review.

"Where can I find upcoming shows?"

There are several ways to be notified of upcoming RBE events. The favorited way is to simply visit! We also keep our Facebook Events up to date with all up coming public performances. Can't wait to see you there!

Robin-Banks Entertainment, LLC -- 9.2.2022

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