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Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Booking Your Holiday Band!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The holidays are a season of celebration! But that celebration can quickly turn to chaos, especially when it comes to booking a live band or DJ. Here are 5 things to avoid when it's time to plan your holiday shindig:

#1- Don't wait until the last minute!

Summer just ended and fall just began. The holidays feel so distant. However, most professional bands are already booked for the season, sometimes up to two years in advance. Some entertainment companies even spike pricing over the holidays as everything becomes a little more pricey. This is typical so the company can remain in a healthy profit margin. Booking in advance may allow you room to negotiate a rate locked-in before holiday inflation begins. (Excellent companies lock in rates anyway. Read every contract carefully and never hesitate to ask for what you want in writing every time. Remember: if it feels sketchy, it probably is!)

Often, entertainment companies have a "holiday deadline". This means they only accept holiday bookings up to a certain point. As musicians with families and lives, knowing for sure whether or not they are booked gives them plenty of time to plan for their downtime. Then they can rest easy knowing there will be no last-minute gig calls.

Be sure to book your band before they close bookings for the year! Robin-Banks Entertainment is still booking... for now!

#2- Don't be unrealistic about holiday rates!

When it comes to booking a band on a holiday, you can't expect to book a $100 band and also get an excellent experience. You're asking real humans and their families to forego their usual holiday plans for your function. The compensation will need to be fair and comparable (think end-of-year Bonus Pay) to respect and honor everyone's time. Additionally, a lot of bands outsource for their production gear and other add-ons (Digital & Mirror Photobooths, Uplighting, Dance Floor Lighting, etc...) This means that other third party vendors will also have to be open and functioning on your event day. This directly translates to "more time / more money".

Just as the wedding industry can be very expensive, the holiday industry can be, as well. Put the two together and you can kiss a "discount experience" goodbye!

When it comes to RBE, we treat your holiday party meticulously and are happy to do so! We go above and beyond on every level, including sending a team member out to be an assistant for the band on event day. Rest assured you are getting a premium, five-star experience.

#3- Don't Forget To Tip!

It's expensive to go out during the holiday... even for people going out to make money. Also, holiday parties tend to run very late. Travel costs are insanely expensive during the holiday season and many families are going to bed while their loved ones are still out working. This gesture is appreciated not just by the musician, but by their families too!

#4- Don't put your band on the spot!

Bands GET IT! You want to hear your FAVORITE jam. You're in the zone. It's what fuels your mojo. They hear you! However, please keep in mind that musicians are real humans who rehearsed prior to their performances. They are not DJs or Spotify.

Avoid "requesting songs" when you are at a live performance. Musicians love performing but that doesn't mean they can necessarily cater to requests on event day. And most times, the playlist is curated directly by whomever booked the band. Demographics and timelines were considered far in advance, and special requests were likely already taken into consideration. If you're a guest, trust the musicians to give you their best rehearsed performance hand-selected and paid for by the client.

#5- Don't be silly- BOOK RBE!

Let RBE take care of the fine details. Your job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday event... and DANCE, of course!

RBE can cater to nearly every style of music you need! Browse your options here. They have a couple dates on the calendar with your name on it! Inquire today!

Robin-Banks Entertainment, LLC -- 10.11.2022

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