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But Do You REALLY Need To Pay for a Sound Engineer at Your Wedding?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

We get it. You're getting "nickeled and dimed" left and right simply because you fell in love. So let's cut to the chase. Do you REALLY need to foot the production bill? Let's dig in!

What and WHY?!

A sound engineer is a person who works with the band to ensure that all of the music sounds great at your wedding. They make sure that everything from the vocals to instruments are heard clearly and balanced, so that there's no one instrument drowning out another.

The role of a sound engineer is important because they help create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests--and for you and your boo--your most important guests! ❤️

The Role of a Wedding Band Sound Engineer

The role of a sound engineer in a wedding band is...well...complicated! The responsibilities of a sound engineer include but are not limited to:

  • Hauling in and setting up heavy equipment

  • Communicating electrical needs and requirements so you don't blow the power at your venue and lose your deposit

  • Having back-up power supplies in case of bad weather or venue issues

  • Making sure all equipment works properly before shows, during breaks and between songs so that there are no technical problems during performances

  • Setting up microphones and amplification for musicians

  • Monitoring and adjusting volume and decibel levels for aural safety and enjoyment

  • Artistically manipulating the sound for neat effect

  • Running sound-check and ensuring there is music playing when the band is breaking

  • Cleaning, tearing down, hauling out and safely storing equipment

The Power of Production

Sound engineers are the unsung heroes of the music world. They're responsible for producing the perfect atmosphere for your event. Therefore, they can make or break your wedding band's performance...and your big day.

Sound engineering is all about balance: finding just the right mix between vocals, instruments, and background noise so that everyone can hear everything clearly--and enjoy themselves in comfort.

Sound engineers will also be able to help with microphones and/or wireless systems for your ceremony and cocktail hour as well as monitor (preferably prevent) feedback during speeches or performances. They also think of things you might not, like whether it would be better if speakers were placed closer together or whether it would be better if the speakers near dance floors would be better near the bar...they'll know what needs to be done!

Appreciating The Aural Awesomeness

Shop for a band that offers professional, well-educated sound engineers. Then, be kind and communicative. They need to know what you want so they can do their job well. If there's something wrong with the music or microphone levels, speak up! Then, be patient and allow them space to fix the issues.

Talk with them beforehand so that everyone knows what each other's expectations are when working together on site. This way, there won't be any surprises or misunderstandings on the big day.

The atmosphere at your wedding will be unforgettable with the expertise of your band's sound engineer. Not only can they create an amazing soundscape for you and your guests, but they can also make sure that everyone who wants to dance can hear the music and everyone who wants to chat can hear the conversation.

It's Art, Hunny! Don't Panic!

If something goes wrong during the show, don't panic! It happens to even the best bands. After all. These are artists, and art comes with it's own curveballs. A good sound engineer will be able to troubleshoot technical issues and get your party back on track quickly. They will also be able to engineer YOU, should you steal the microphone on your big day! 😉🎤

Robin-Banks Wrap-Up

If you want people talking about what an amazing time they had at your wedding for months after it happens--and if you want them coming back for your anniversary celebrations--then hire that sound engineer!

Great news! Robin-Banks Entertainment has ONLY the BEST sound engineers. What's even better is that the pricing is already built into your quote! No hidden sound fees, Fiancé Friends! *sigh of relief*

RBE only works with the greatest, most professional musicians and sound engineers and would love to get you quote and help create the best wedding day soundtrack.

Robin-Banks Entertainment, LLC. 4.26.2023

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