The options are endless with these talented RBE musicians!

Let us guide you to the combo that fits your style, taste, and budget...

Our most popular instrumental combos include:

Popular Duo Options

Guitar & Violin
Guitar & Sax
Piano & Violin
Guitar & Bass
Piano & Sax
Piano & Guitar

Alternative Duos

The Wild Hymns
The Wild Hymns
Acoustic Folk & Jazz
Lucille and the Wolf
Acoustic Pop & Americana
Lucille & the Wolf
Lucille & the Wolf

Popular Trio Options

Guitar, Piano & Bass
Guitar, Bass & Percussion
Guitar, Bass & Sax
Piano, Bass & Percussion
Piano, Bass & Sax

Popular Quartet Options

Piano, Bass, Sax & Percussion
Guitar, Bass, Sax & Percussion

Large Combos

Jazz Quintet
Large Combo w/ Vocals