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Jazz Trio & Full Circle Ensemble

Anthony Pieruccini Trio Logo

Anthony Pieruccini Trio - The Anthony Pieruccini Trio (also known as AP3) was founded in 2014 by Anthony. Pieruccini This ensemble is the perfect compact trio for your cocktail hour or private event! The group features a jazz trio of jazz guitar, electric bass, and drums, and specializes in jazz and other similar genres. AP3 keeps the setup compact and out of the way, and the volume at a reasonable level while still providing the luxury of live jazz entertainment.

Full Circle Ensemble Logo

Full Circle Ensemble - The Full Circle Ensemble is a group that specializes in live instrumental jazz. The group is a top choice for Cocktail hour and low-key receptions. This ensemble is also a crowd favorite at private parties and events where you don't want the music to get in the way of the social interactions. The Full Circle Ensemble consists of jazz guitar, electric bass, piano/keyboard, and drums.

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